Welcome to the Sentra Airways Brand Centre!

At Sentra Airways, we are committed to delivering a unique and memorable experience to our passengers. Our brand reflects our values of innovation, style, and excellence. As we continue to grow and expand our operations, we want to ensure that our brand is consistently represented across all touchpoints.

The Brand Centre provides guidelines for the use of our brand assets, including logos, colours, and typography. By following these guidelines, you can help us maintain a strong and consistent brand identity.

Guidelines for Brand Usage:

  • Use our logo only in its original form without any alteration or modification.
  • Do not use our logo in a way that suggests endorsement or affiliation with other brands or organisations.
  • Use our colour palette and typography consistently across all channels.

Follow our brand guidelines for the use of our logo, colours, and typography.

Thank you for helping us maintain a strong and consistent brand identity. If you have any questions or need additional guidance, please contact our marketing team.

The latest Sentra Airways brand guidelines can be downloaded here.

A powerpoint version (PPTX) can also be downloaded here.

Video Version of Sentra Airways Brand Guidelines

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