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Corporate Overview

An Airline Focused on Niche Destinations

Sentra Airways – Ending Exploitation

The establishment of Sentra Airways is in response to a demand from travellers in the UK who need to travel direct to West Africa and back on a regular basis, either for business or to maintain family ties.

We founded Sentra to fill the gap, and to stop the exploitation of travellers by the mainstream airlines who charge exorbitant fares and force passengers into unnecessarily prolonged journey times.

We know that a flight from Manchester to Accra shouldn’t take more than six and a half hours – on some airlines however it can take up to 21 hours.

Setting up Sentra was an obvious solution to the problem for hundreds of travellers, and although it took many months of planning and negotiation, the board of Sentra Airways is now delighted to be offering its first service – direct from Manchester to Accra – with more niche routes to follow linking the UK and USA direct to African destinations.

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An Affordable African Airlink

Obviously, you can’t fly without wings, so getting off the ground was the first step in the process of turning this vision of an affordable African airlink into reality.

In the summer of 2022 Sentra Airways’ chiefs, Ishmael Musah (Chairman and Accountable Manager) and Bruce Fenton (Executive Director) were able to conclude a long lease placement for the company’s first aircraft.

Air Lease Corporation signed the deal with Sentra for delivery of an Airbus A330-200, with the promise of more collaboration to come as the fledgling airline heads for high altitude.

Our head office is based on the southern outskirts of Bradford, a large city in West Yorkshire, England, with our operational hub some 50 miles away at Manchester International Airport.

With pilots, cabin crew and ground staff on board with Sentra Airways, the sky’s the limit for this new start-up airline which is being welcomed with open arms in both the UK and West Africa.

Services Tailored to African Lifestyle

The owners and operators of Sentra Airways decided to go the extra mile. Not only did they want ours to be an airline that was affordable and convenient for travellers between Africa and the UK/USA – they wanted it to be user-friendly too.

That’s why we developed our ethos of tailoring our services to the lifestyle of west Africa. We want you to feel you’ve arrived in the warm, welcoming west African culture before you’ve even left the ground in the UK.

We don’t just take you home – with us you are at home, from the minute you head through the departure gate to board our comfortable Airbus. From the in-flight entertainment and Ghanaian cuisine, to the smiles of our cabin crew, you’ll enjoy a rich reception.

We’ve worked hard at Sentra Airways to live up to our passengers’ expectations, and we’re delighted to have so much positive feedback from those who fly with us.

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