Welcome to Sentra Airways – the perfect partner for travel influencers, vloggers and bloggers! We understand that as a travel influencer, you want to provide your audience with unique experiences and exciting content that will keep them engaged. That’s where we come in.

We are thrilled to offer exciting partnership opportunities to influencers like you who are passionate about travel and adventure. With our extensive network of flights, we can help you explore the world and create unforgettable experiences that your followers will love.

At Sentra Airways, we value the power of social media and its influence on travel. That’s why we’re excited to work with influencers who share our values and are passionate about exploring the world. Whether you’re a vlogger or blogger, we’re here to help you create amazing content that showcases our airline and the destinations we fly to.

As a partner with Sentra Airways, you’ll enjoy exclusive travel deals and benefits. We offer discounted airfare, upgrades, and other exclusive incentives that will make your travels with us even more exciting. Plus, we’ll help you plan your itinerary and coordinate all of your travel arrangements.

Our airline operates flights between Manchester and Accra, and we offer travel opportunities to some of the most exciting destinations in the world. Imagine exploring the vibrant culture of Accra, the breathtaking natural beauty of Manchester, or the stunning beaches of Ghana. With Sentra Airways, the possibilities are endless.

Join our partnership program ([email protected]) and let us help you take your content to the next level. To learn more, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss partnership opportunities with you.

Some of our favourite Ghanaian influencers & vloggers include:

  1. Ameyaw Debrah – Ameyaw is a well-known entertainment and lifestyle blogger, and also vlogs about his travels and experiences in Ghana and beyond.

  2. Wode Maya – Wode Maya is a popular Ghanaian vlogger who focuses on sharing his experiences and insights about Africa. He travels to different countries on the continent and shares his thoughts on everything from culture and food to business and development.

  3. The Traveling Ghanaian – The Traveling Ghanaian is a Ghanaian-American travel blogger who focuses on sharing her experiences of living and traveling in Ghana. She offers a unique perspective on the country and its culture, and also shares tips and recommendations for travelers.

  4. Kobby Kuma – Kobby Kuma is a Ghanaian travel and lifestyle vlogger who showcases the beauty of Ghana through his videos. He shares his experiences of visiting different parts of the country, as well as his tips and recommendations for travelers.

  5. AK Official – AK Official is a Ghanaian vlogger who travels the world and shares his experiences through his videos. He has a large following on YouTube and is known for his entertaining and informative travel vlogs.

Some of our favourite international vloggers include:

  1.  FunForLouis – Louis Cole is a British vlogger who travels the world and shares his experiences through his videos.
  2.  Hey Nadine – Nadine Sykora is a Canadian vlogger who creates travel vlogs and travel guides.
  3.  Kara and Nate – Kara and Nate are a couple who travel the world and document their experiences on YouTube.
  4.  Flying The Nest – Stephen and Jess are an Australian couple who document their travels and adventures on YouTube.
  5.  Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten is an American travel blogger and vlogger who shares his travel experiences and tips on his website and YouTube channel.
  6.  Sonia’s Travels – Sonia Gil is a travel vlogger who creates videos on travel tips and destinations.
  7.  Vagabrothers – Marko and Alex Ayling are two brothers who travel the world and share their experiences and advice through their YouTube channel.
  8.  The Planet D – Dave and Deb are a couple who travel the world and share their adventures and advice on their blog and YouTube channel.
  9.  Kristen & Siya – Kristen and Siya are a Canadian couple who document their travels and provide advice on budget travel and digital nomad life.
  10.  Gabriel Traveler – Gabriel Morris is a travel vlogger who shares his travel experiences, tips, and adventures from around the world.

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