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Modern, Reliable Aircraft Configured for Comfort

All About Our Airbus

Sentra Airlines is proud to fly you on board the A330-200, acknowledged as one of the world’s most reliable and dependable twin-aisled jetliners.
This beautifully designed Airbus has an in-service operational efficiency of 99.4%, and is flexible in its layout configuration so it can be adapted for optimum comfort for passengers and crew.

We leased our first aircraft – the 12-year-old A330-200 MSN 1138 – from the world-leading Air Lease Corporation of Los Angeles, California, USA, who delivered the A330 specially configured for our requirements – allowing for 36 business class and 209 economy class seats in the fuselage space, which is capable of taking a great deal more.

The wide-bodied A330 also allows for a vast cargo capacity, which enables us to offer our passengers a generous 50kg checked baggage allowance, and to carry air freight on our flights between the UK and West Africa.

Sentra Airways 2022 Livery
Business Class Seats
Economy Class Seats
0 kg
Checked Baggage Allowance

Airbus A330-200 Specifications


Overall length: 58.82m
Cabin length: 45.00m
Fuselage width: 5.64m
Max cabin width: 5.26 m
Wing span (geometric): 64.00m
Height: 17.39m
Track: 10.68m
Wheelbase: 22.18m


Pax Max seating: 406
Typical seating: 220-260
Cargo LD3 capacity underfloor: 27
Max pallet number underfloor: 8+3 LD3
Water volume: 178 m³


Range: 15 094 km
Mmo: M0.86
Max ramp weight: 251.90 tonnes
Max take-off weight: 251.00 tonnes
Max landing weight: 186.00 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight: 176.00 tonnes
Max fuel capacity: 139 090 litres

In Flight Connectivity

The Airbus A330-200 is right up to date with in-flight mod-cons, boasting top class fourth-generation in-flight entertainment facilities, including video-on-demand, as well as mobile phone and email connectivity via satellite.

Passengers can enjoy our longhaul flights to Africa settled down with movies of their choice, and stay in touch with what’s happening in the world below. Our in-flight entertainment is geared towards west African tastes. If you’d rather snooze, the Airbus offers comfortable seat pitches.

The cabin interiors are arranged for the ideal grouping and location of lavatories and generous stowage areas, and our crew won’t get in your way as they prepare your tasty meals and drinks in the well-positioned galleys.

Up in the cockpit our pilots will be using the revolutionary fly-by-wire digital controls – semi-automatic computer regulated aircraft flight control systems – considered to be safer and more efficient than mechanical systems.

All in all, flying in our Airbus between the UK and Africa is a great experience!

Experience comfort and great flying experiences with Sentra Airways. The airline of choice for direct flights between the UK and West Africa.

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